Things to Keep in Mind When Replacing Your Toilet

A White Toilet in a Bathroom.

Toilet Replacement Services

When it comes to home renovation projects, the bathroom can be one of the most important areas in your home to give a makeover to. The right bathroom can increase the value of your home exponentially, making it a focal point should you choose to sell. Even if you aren’t selling, your bathroom is still an important room in your home and one that needs a great deal of care and attention to make as comfortable as possible for yourself and the loved ones under your roof. If you are undergoing a bathroom renovation or simply making an upgrade to individual fixtures, choosing the right toilet to put in your bathroom can make all the difference in the world and leave you feeling either disappointed or over-the-top happy with your choice. But a toilet is no longer just a toilet. Technology has advanced in such ways that toilets can do far more than your mom and dad’s toilet ever could do. These are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning to toilet replacement service in one or all of the bathrooms in your home.

Form Over Function

The function of a toilet is important to consider when you are getting a toilet replacement. While it can be easy to get lost in the number of different shapes and designs that toilets today may offer, it is important to keep a few basic elements in mind when shopping for a new toilet: bowl shape and bowl height. A standard toilet has a bowl height of 15 inches, but there are toilets on the market that can get as low as 10 inches or as high as 20 inches. If you are a person with more limited mobility, a taller toilet may be for you because it reduces the overall amount of effort that it may take to sit down on the toilet and then to stand up. If mobility is not an issue and you are a family with kids, a smaller toilet might be the right way to go. This is obviously beneficial for younger children who might have difficulty reaching the 15 or 20-inch bowls and it is also beneficial for the adults because it helps you assume a squatting position, which is highly beneficial when it comes to using the facilities. Your bowl shapes are pretty standard as they come in either round or elongated. Your round bowls might be the less comfortable of the two but they will definitely take up less space, perfect if you are making changes to a half bathroom. Your elongated toilet bowls have something of an egg shape and are generally considered to be the more comfortable bowl choice due to their spaciousness.

Flushing Has Changed

The way that a toilet flushes is another consideration to think about in terms of a toilet replacement. Again, back in the day, a toilet was just a toilet. It flushed and that’s all there was to it. But now, there is more than one way to flush. Most older toilets are gravity feed toilets, which use a rubber flapper in the tank to open up and let the water flush through. With a pressure-assisted toilet, which is very common in public restrooms, you get a higher level of air pressure that produces a stronger flush. While they are much louder and typically more expensive to install, they are also far less likely to face clogs and they stay cleaner for longer. The dual flush toilet system is also becoming very popular these days. This is the type of toilet that allows the user to have two different options for flushing: one for liquid and one for solid. This capability means that the toilet uses less water when flushing liquids, becoming more efficient over the life of the toilet.

Save with Each Flush

Another trend that is becoming more and more popular in the toilet industry is the fact that water conservation is becoming a huge feature when it comes to a toilet replacement. Unregulated, older toilets could use up to five gallons per flush whereas the current federal standards of flush volume in new toilets is just 1.6 gallons of water. Even then, newer toilets are now using even less than that per flush, saving on water conservation with each use. Much more efficient than toilets past, the wave of conservation-minded toilets should save you on your water bill in the long run and make using the restroom far more unconscionable.


A New Toilet Being Installed.

Automated Toilets for Your Replacement

That’s right, folks, even your toilet can join the smart crowd now these days. And I know what you’re asking: Why? How? What? It is okay if you have all of the questions. A smart toilet has things like bidets and dryers, an automatic flush features, self-cleaning mode, even temperature-controlled seats. As comfortable as using a toilet can be, the smart toilet can make it so. As you can see, a toilet is no longer just a toilet. You can make choices based on comfort, based on water usage, or simply based on cool factor. But now, you have a lot more to think about before picking the toilet for you. If you are interested in a toilet replacement for your Spring, TX home, please call the plumbers at Aaaction Plumbing by dialing (281) 360-1111 for more information. We can offer a wide range of bathroom plumbing services.